2704, 2016

Eating dogs

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“Eating dogs” – A Talk by John Keeble at the Informal Northern Thai Group’, ‘There are three main Thai elements to eating dogs: a) the export trade; b) the commercial domestic market; and c) home killing. Although the export trade has grabbed the headlines and TV coverage, the domestic trade [...]

2410, 2013

Chinese Citizens Cancel Circus Citing Abuse

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A Chinese circus featuring animal performances was canceled after citizens called for a boycott and tipped off authorities, in what activists billed a victory for a growing animal welfare movement. Chinese regulations ban animal performances, but animal rights activists estimate hundreds of shows still take place each year. They say [...]

2310, 2013

Dog Meat for Exotic Dishes: Inhumane Or Tradition?

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A vast number of petitions against the illegal dog meat trade, particularly in Vietnam, is making rounds online. This really isn’t a new issue as dog meat trading has been one of the core problems of many animal rights groups and activists. Although in some countries, eating dog meat is [...]

1210, 2013

Standing up for China’s animals

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It’s a dog’s life in China for moon bears, antelope, snub-nosed monkeys, Siberian tigers, big-horned sheep, dolphins, golden monkeys, crested cranes, and, of course, pigs, dogs and cats  among many other animals that are hunted, farmed, eaten, traded and generally mistreated. Although more and more people, notably pet owners, are [...]