To the Government of the People’s Republic of China,

We who come from countries all around the world, regardless of gender, race, worldview or political association.

We are very concerned regarding the situation of animal welfare in China.

Although it is customary to eat animal meat all over the world, we see very severely the fact that before their meat reaches the plate, animals are put through inhumane suffering.

The removal of animal skin or cooking animals while they are still alive is extremely cruel. The hunting and capturing of animals in the street, as well as keeping them in harsh and degrading conditions, is a badge of shame for the Chinese people. This is not how we would like to see such a respectable and great nation as yours. However, the reality in China in regard to the condition of its animals today is not something one can simply ignore.

Every animal has the right to live in dignity.

The way we treat those who are weaker than us determines who we are, and it is our moral duty to take care of those who are the weakest among us.

Many animals in China and the world are born into the horror of pain and suffering and die in the same manner, without one moment of happiness, without one moment of compassion. But because of China’s size and its enormous population, the suffering of animals in this country is a thousand times worse.

China is a great nation, with a glorious history, and it is our hope to see China lead a revolution in this area, and to see the Chinese government pass laws for the animals.

We ask you, in the name of morality, in the name of the animals that have suffered greatly, both in life and in death, in the name of the animals that are right now going through these terrible agonies, in the name of every citizen in the world that cares and in the name of the Chinese citizens who care, we ask and even demand that you act so that the animals in your area will have an honourable life, that they will not die in agony, that they will not suffer while they still live.

Please, pass laws for the welfare of animals as soon as possible:

  • Please, forbid the killing of animals in cruel ways (suffocating them to death, cooking them while they are alive, skinning them of their fur while still alive, thrusting their heads to the ground, beating them with sticks and stones, etc.) and pass a law requiring that animals be put to death humanely.

  • Please, ban the transportation of animals in a way that hurts and disgraces them (squeezing many animals in small cages, throwing them off vehicles, tying their limbs behind their backs, gagging them and tying them to each other in various ways) and pass laws regulating the transport of animals.

  • Please, ban the holding of animals in harsh conditions (holding them in cages in the market without any food, water or shelter from the sun and the rain), and pass a law for holding animals in a humane manner.

  • Please, pass legislation determining which animals are considered pets and protect them – pass a law forbidding the consumption of pet animals. Please define cats and dogs as pets, and forbid their consumption and the selling of their flesh in streets and markets.

  • Please ban the capturing of pet in the streets and from private yards, and forbid unsupervised holding or slaughtering.

  • Please, enforce these laws and determine punishment for whoever breaks them.

  • We ask you to give animals the dignity they deserve.

We carry our eyes to you, the Chinese government, and to you, the Chinese people, in hopes that you will lead the change within you.

We believe that this change will be a sign and a light to the whole world.











请禁止用残忍方法杀害动物的行为(让它们窒息死亡,在它们还有一息之存时将它们烹调,在它们未死亡时就剥皮, 把它们的头踩在地上,用石头和棍子打它们等等),并通过法律能让动物们得到人性化处死的权利。









In the name of the animals of China, and in the name of animals everywhere.